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Centro Parking specializes in car park management solutions committed to providing a diligent approach to car parking operations that will satisfy both parkers and car park owners.

Founded in 2012, Centro Parking was established with the confidence that we can provide a unique solution to car park management. With the initial aim to run our first multi-story car park in Sydney CBD different from what has been done by previous car park operators, Centro Parking was founded by the owners for the owners.


Believing that high performance for our car park owners comes hand in hand with maximizing our parkers’ satisfaction, Centro Parking thrive to provide the highest quality of customer service.






Our Mission


Our mission is two-folds:
(1) To provide the highest level of customer service to our parkers
(2) To provide car park owners with the highest return by operating their car park to achieve its full potential

For our parkers…

Through a diligent approach in operating car parks, Centro Parking aim to provide our parkers with parking facilities distinctive to be user-friendly, secure and efficient. We understand our parkers’ diverse needs and offer a wide range of parking products, including Early Bird parking, weekend flat rates and monthly parking.

Centro Parking prides ourselves for running our car parks not based on numbers, but focused on people.

For our car park owners…

Centro Parking provides tailor‐made car park management solutions based on specific geographic location, physical and technological characteristics of the car parks. Built on experiences as car park owners, Centro Parking is confident in meeting our clients’ needs to satisfaction. Not only do we aim to maximize our clients’ returns, Centro Parking are committed to share with our clients our knowledge and knowhow. Paired with a fully transparent accounting and reporting protocol, Centro Parking is committed to building lasting and successful relationships with our clients.

Centro Parking prides ourselves for running our business with transparency and integrity.

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